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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Heyho, I'm Jackybunny and I will throw rainbowed sparkles in your face!I'm the bunny that starts comics and probably never finish it!


look down to the commission section for more information!

Art Trades and Collabs just with my senpais.
Requests are closed

Have fun :3

For information about different types of comics and their status please visit my gallery and look at the description of the given folders.

Do you like cheesecake? 

452 deviants said yes
125 deviants said no


Chibi Sticker Comissions
One character per comission

Fullcoloured, Anime/Manga style , shaded Sticker chibi with thick borders

What I can do:


What I can't do:

-very complicated stuff
-uncensored (I can go far like in example tho)

Price: 700 Points or 7 $ (Paypal)
Anime/Manga Characters (Just Own Characters) Upper body
-ONE character
-full coloured, with background, effects, shadings and so on
-if you want hard shadings, if you want soft shadings or like in the examples mixed

What I can do:

-girls boys and adults
-also in chibi style
-androgyne males
-backgrounds like sky, nature, forest, stones, icy -that stuff 

What I can't do:

-nsfw stuff
-babies (I suck at drawing babies xD seriously) and old people
-armour/chainmail and mecha
-men with many muscles
-buildings like cities, houses and stuff

Price: 1000 or 10$ via paypal

Contact me first and describe what you want so I can say if I can do or not. Payment first, then I start.
Don't try to trick me :D some say they paid but they didn't. 
Adoptables regular Price
100 Points

or 1 $ via Paypal

(if you agree you'll get the adress via note)
Headshot Lines
Headshot lines are made in Sai (2222x2222 px) and saved as png without background, so you can use it OR I can save it as psd or sai. file if you want it specific. 

It's not paint friendly because I don't use hard lines 

Furry prefered, no mecha or realistic style, Anime is okay)

One Character per Comission only 

The price is 5 $ or 500 Points via this comission box 
Headshot Sketch
Headshot Sketches (Furry prefered) but also can be human (No mecha and I can't do realistic style)

Headshot Sketches are made in Sai (2222x2222 px) and saved as Png for you to line over or just use it like you want.

The price can be 2,50$ via paypal or 250 Points via this comission box (please don't send normal points)

Wfefe by Jacky-Bunny
Ponies and Furries

-ONE character
-no clothes (just acessoires)
-fullbody, coloured, shadows/light effects, simple background
-2222x2222 pixel


-ONE character
-no clothes (just acessoires), NO anthros
-fullbody, coloured, shadows/light effects, simple background

Price: 1000 Points via this comission box or 10$ (paypal)
-50 x 50 Pixel so you can use them here as avatar
-if you wish it can be animated but no moving avatar (means just sparkles or like different things like in the pinkie pie icon
-headshots or the upper body, no full icons because I'm not that good that I can do full bodies without looking awful 

Price: 300 Points via this comission box or 3 $ via paypal


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:'( and now let's all cry in silence for this death (xD)

This romance at the beginning xD (I hate SSB so ..) and...HEY POTATO KNISHES!
One of the best UT drawings I've ever seen *v* and asriel's parts are the best. TEH BESTTTTTTTTTT

My favorite youtuber with my favorite videos
and omg they have so many fans who draw such great arts *v* 
I'm also working on Little King John fanart becuz I LUV HIM SO MUCH <3

Scarffy predicted it weeks ago XD having no internet makes me do weird things. A random portal comic is coming up. The story is practically about the lack of portals. Yep, portal without portal
. I practically do this because portal 2  has in my opinion a bad ending and I'm very unhappy and not satisfied with it so I will do something that will stay canonical in my head,similar to my undertale comic
embedded_item1485715105648 by Jacky-Bunny
I just wanted to say that I'm not reachable the next time. Our internet dsl is broken since two days and nobody knows why, at the same time my htc's phone battery broke and its luck when its recharged a little bit, our normal phone is also not working because of our dsl so I'm practically cut off from the rest of the world ( you can't believe how boring and bad this is) , so I dunno when I Will be available again. Sorry for all who commissioned me, you have to wait longer until our internet is fixed again TuT
I feel like drawing a mlp ship. Tell me some :( 

(out of creativity to think about many haha) 
Oh, also your Oc's if you have 2 that are a couple ! xD oc's are interesting
Non important wip becuz boredomJoltik gif Nostalgia Critic Emote - Dancing Rrerer by Jacky-Bunny
My family got bigger :3 I searched so long for a huge Teddybear but now I saw her and I fell in love with her right after I saw her!!! I name her Lilly Flubby. She's over 1 meter huge.
She even has hearties on her paws. Now we have James de Boer  (big brown), Vanilleschaf Merino (Alpacasso), Fredbread/Fred the Bread (tiny boer) and Lilly Flubby (white boer). 

^eea71d7cc1716994c813a228546332725933d4ae7f33fbb73 by Jacky-Bunny

^47f87a16dccbc117705371b8b47fa6cb6550b02e8166cd991 by Jacky-Bunny
Working on a Portal animatic :) Wheatley vs GLaDOS
Hard to admit that I became a huge fan of him xDDD

You should watch this before you go to bed xDDDDDD

I heard many many weird sung songs. But these lyrics xD with the random german and french and...I JUST DIE RIGHT NOW XDD (sorry good singer) Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL 

Just noticed that Marisa x Suika is even more rare than SakuMari QwQ
Does someone have nice fanarts of them?
The Sherlock finale in one sentence ,...

Aperture sience-we do what we must, because we can! 

Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL  


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Warped-Desire Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Your 'The Last Unicorn' Drawings are gorgeous <33
They literally embody all that Amalthea is and I applaud you for that! The last Unicorn is one of my all time favourite movies, you've depicted it so well it's almost like you created it in the first place ^^ Thankyou so much for making my day hun with your gorgeous drawings!
SpringYard Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
HEY DIDDLE DIDDLESherlock - Mycroft 
Jacky-Bunny Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yodel adle edle adle Ohhhhhh
Miss-RedTree Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Sorry to bother you.

But, where did you download paint tool sai?
chinchongcha Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally reach you ^^
Jacky-Bunny Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh? XD
DigitalMindtheatre Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry if you get asked this a lot, but are you planning on continuing Golden Suprise? It's the reason I found your DA and the storyline is great, despite the fact I don't ship BillDip.
Jacky-Bunny Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All I can say is the same that the folder status said, it's cancelled for now
MikamuUhima Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
This might be of your interest :^ (Im trash help)
Jacky-Bunny Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
already knew this months ago xD
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